I had a random music website many moons ago but after two years, had no time to update  it and let it die.  Archive.org keeps the zombie alive but there’s a lot of things that quite a few people (myself included) wanted to have a permanent online home for so that people could find it while surfing ’round.  I’ve enjoyed so much stuff out here on the net and I’m sitting on a ton of fun memories, scans and extremely important opinions on music (mostly made by boring white people), so I’m going to do my best to share like mom & Sesame Street taught me.  Too bad I’m not savvy enough to share the music and videos I’ve got on the shelves.  Maybe someday when a social life becomes totally unimportant but for now, there’s fun to be had.

Ok, just because I don’t have time to read your blog or anyone else’s doesn’t mean that someone out there doesn’t want to regularly read this.  If it’s easier for you to just see updates on Facebook, I won’t blame you one bit.   Click here to like the You’re Doing Great Facebook page and all of your worries will vanish. I’ll post the same blogs over there or link when there’s something worth sending you here for. That’s where the fun arguments are probably going to happen, not here.

The regular features you’ll see here…..
This is the main reason I wanted to start a blog and this was originally going to be its namesake.  My alphabetization obsession started at a young age with baseball cards and continued straight into music.  At my last LA music job in 1995, I decided to bring one cd into work everyday alphabetically and I’ve been doing it ever since.  Once I discovered email signatures, I’d write about the album of the day and friends would email me just to see what it was.  I stopped doing it after a few years but last year, I decided to post on my Facebook account about whatever band I’d brought to work every day or two.  So that’s what you’ll see a lot of here to spare my Facebook so-called friends who could care less.
As soon as I started going to concerts in 1984, I kept a scrapbook of ticket stubs, advertisements, parking tickets and whatnot.  By 1994, the book was full and I was going to way too many shows to bother with arts & crafts but I’m glad I kept what I did and wish I could remember more.  You can get a preview on Cover Me Badd’s Facebook page but I’ve got more great stuff I haven’t scanned yet and even a few concert tales from when I thought I’d write about every show I’d been to (another aborted project).
I’d heard that Apollo 9 from Rocket From The Crypt was hosting a music trivia night here in San Diego and after I helped score two team victories, he retired from hosting.  A few years later I decided to start something similar but ask local musician friends to do a live Name-That-Tune section as part of it.  Four years and 40 quizzes later, I’m retiring it but they’re fun for music nerds to check out.  God only knows where the early quizzes were backed up but I’ve got a few so I’ll post them here.  For instance, here is an old blog about the very first quiz. Just don’t make me type out the answers because they’re mostly up here (points).
There’s plenty worth saving from the Dumyhead Central website I did around 1996-98. Most notably was the oh-so-popular Joining A Fanpage section about my favorite band in college, Jellyfish. As a result, I ended up writing a bit for their boxed set. I started telling the band’s history with chapters for each show I saw and only ever got halfway through before I got rather busy. If I make it that far, I’ll finally finish, though my memories aren’t as crisp 18 years later (instead of three). Oh, senility…..what was I saying?
This blog is already in danger before it’s begun and it’s because of a dangerous plague sweeping the youth of today: creativity.  The problem is that I’m no longer young.  Lucky for me that I’ve recently stumbled upon the musical fountain of youth and it’s become the most popular act I’ve ever done: dressing up and “acting” old in the band Geezer.  I’ve recently tried to scale back from being so busy, retiring my long running trivia and karaoke nights plus a Spinal Tap tribute we did for 11/11/11. Then I decided to make a little more music with my so-called “real” band, Rookie Card and start this blog. Sounds like I’m busier after you add it all up. What I’m trying to say is that I know 99% of you don’t live near San Diego but excuse me if I plug my own shit sometimes.
I’ll write about whatever I damn well please!  I was hoping to post other random stuff I post on my Facebook page but I know I’ll get lazy quick so feel free to subscribe over here. Please don’t add me as a friend. It’s only going to be awkward and I’ll end up in tears, not you. I already waste WAY too much time trying to read everything my real friends post. However, I’d love it if you “liked” the Facebook version of this blog and left comments and argued with strangers there.

Me=Adam Gimbel, no relation to the founder of Macy’s & Gimbel’s dept. store. I grew up in San Diego, living a “don’t drink don’t smoke what do you do?” lifestyle during my Brady Bunchesque (in a good way) upper middle class upbringing. I went to college near Los Angeles at Cal State Northridge, graduating with a degree in audio production and missing the big quake by two weeks. After doing various entertainment industry jobs, I moved to the Bay Area with some friends and had a blast doing not much of anything. A good job came up in LA and I reluctantly moved back down and consequently lost the job a few months later. I moved back to San Diego to run a business my father started, helping people find parts for old cars, even though I don’t know anything about cars (“this thing steers it” is the extent of my knowledge). After eleven years ended up in the family audio/video rental biz. I once realized my lifelong goal of singing at England’s Reading Festival, even though karaoke is stretching the rules a bit. I started a band and realized I could really write a good song but couldn’t stay away from the silly side….on the side. Then the side became the whole shebang. Music is great.  Talking about it is just silly.  So here we go….


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