I recently came across a 1996 list of things I was looking for in the pre-YouTube era when I was trading tapes. A lot of them I’m posting on our Facebook page that I’ve seen or heard since then. There are still some elusive things that I haven’t found so I thought I’d put up this list of holy grails and add to it if I think of anything else.  Please let me know if you know where to see or hear any of these! Thanks.

BEATLES Hard Day’s Night & Help movie outtakes, “Run For Your Live You” (??), Carnival of Light, In Spite of All the Danger (1993?!)
FRANK BLACK Picture or video from early 90’s solo tour with him strapping on multiple guitars
BLACK CROWES video of live show w/Andy Sturmer on percussion
LLOYD COLE “Billy Blake & the Eternals” Lloyd & Matthew Sweet doing covers
DILLON FENCE covering the Beatles “Rain”
GIGOLO AUNTS covering  “In The Street”
KRISTEN HERSH doing Big Star’s “Jesus Christ”
JELLYFISH Paul McCartney/Kurt Loder MTV interview that mentions Jellyfish(1990 or 91), “Couldn’t I Just Tell You” (Todd Rundgren cover), “Double Vision” (Foreigner cover), first half of Loveline (LA radio 1991), Wembley footage or photos (had a VHS copy & gave it away. Oops), Acoustic at Craig Lee benefit (?9/4/91 The Palace, LA), British magazine the Face w/article on INXS show at Wembley, 11/20/93 Broward County Fairgrounds, Hallandale, FL (last show ever)
LEMONHEADS E! segment on Evan (Tower Sunset instore 1993)
LETTERS TO CLEO covering Dillon Fence’s “Living Room Scene”
LOVE JONES Conan O’Brien video. Bassist Barry Thomas uploaded it!
LOVED ONES last show
JON LOVITZ The Please Watch the Jon Lovitz Special (1992)
MAGNAPOP doing Big Star’s “13”
MODEST MOUSE being introduced as MM tribute Timid Turtle by David Cross on TV show
NIRVANA  full video of Kurt vs. bouncer  from Trees in Dallas uncut including car chase afterwards,BBC radio show where Kurt does a bit of Blur’s “There’s No Other Way”
ROBERT PLANT covering “Mirror In The Bathroom” (anyone have this bootleg?) and “Too Much Too Young” (anyone have an unedited version of this recording?)
POSIES  doing the Beatles’ “Two of Us” (acoustic) or Big Star’s “Back of a Car”, video of them singing the national anthem (have it on VHS but someone should upload it)
RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS early crazy MTV interview praising Andy Gill (possibly longer version of this), on some kids show lip-syncing on a bowling lane (whoa, CHRIS CAREY FOUND IT!).
REPLACEMENTS Show in Toronto where they wrote songs onstage.
RUGBURNS singing the national anthem before an LA Clippers game
SCHOOL OF FISH KROQ acoustic show 1991
SLOAN Foxy Inc. boot
SMASHING PUMPKINS    any of the three Bay Area Lolla sets 1994
RINGO STARR Time Takes Time video EPK
SUNDAYS early 1987, 1988 shows
MATTHEW SWEET  12/22/91 Live 105 acoustic show, Tower Sunset instore (or any instores w/”Countdown” by Lindsey Buckingham or “Isolation” by John Lennon), live @ McCabe’s (LA),  “When We Pretend We’re Dead” by L7
VERUCA SALT covering the Bee Gees “Holiday”
WONDER STUFF  any interesting Miles Hunt hosting 120 Minutes for Euro MTV.
THE (FAKE) ZOMBIES Had them lip-syncing on TV and stupidly gave it away


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