MUSICAL PURSUIT #44 trivia quiz

Good times at the now annual quiz. Thanks to Debi Marks for donating enough Sony CD Walkmen and Poison prize packs to make me feel like Oprah!  See you next year.

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Name the RAPPER (not the crew) that spit these rhymes as counted down by They’re listed here in order from #10 to #1.

  1. “I wanna rock right now/I’m *********** and I came to get down.”  
  1. “Don’t call it a come back/I’ve been here for years.”  
  1. “Thinkin’ of a master plan, ’cause ain’t nothin’ but sweat inside my hand.” –
  1. “Back in the days when I was a teenager/Before I had a status and before I had a pager.”  
  1. “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy/There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.”  
  1. “6 in the morning police at my door/Fresh Adidas squeak across the bathroom floor.”  
  1. “First off, fuck your bitch and the clique you claim/West side when we ride, come equipped with game.”  (STUMPER)
  1. “Fuck the police, coming straight from the underground.”  
  1. “Broken glass, everywhere/People pissing on the stairs, you know they just don’t care.”  (STUMPER)
  1. “It was all a dream/I used to read Word Up!magazine.”

Name these songs with live versions that became more famous than the originals.

  1. The dancehall, countrified 1977 single from In Color didn’t chart in America. It did, however, go to #1 in Japan, where the smash live album At Budokan was recorded, sending this song to #7 in the US.
  1. The studio version of this song originally appeared as the last track on In Utero. However, the MTV Unplugged in New York version became the video played by the network when the song was released as a single. The acoustic version was used on the band’s 2002 self-titled best-of compilation. (STUMPER)
  1. This song first appeared on the 1974 album Natty Dread.  It was chosen as the first single for the following year’s Live! album and became the definitive version, ending up on the band’s greatest hits album Legend and coming in at #37 on a 2004 Rolling Stone Magazine list of the greatest songs of all-time.
  1. This song was the first track on the 2014 album Singles but gained notoriety when singer Samuel T. Herring’s singing and dancing caught David Letterman’s attention on the Late Show and the clip went viral.
  1. The original version of this song from 1970’s McCartney was never released as a single but the live version from 1977’s Wings Over America went top 10 in America.
  1. This song first appeared on The Unforgettable Fire but gained fame when the band played it for twelve minutes at the Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium. While the band’s singer jumped down to help save a girl in the crowd and dance with her, the rest of the band was stuck playing two chords and had to cut the last of three songs they were supposed to play. They thought they’d blown it on a global stage but it turned out to be the most talked about moment of the day.  A live version from the Wide Awake In America EP usually gets the radio play, not the studio version.
  1. A six minute version of this song originally appeared on 1973’s Frampton’s Camel but the 14 minute version from Frampton Comes Alive made it famous. A six minute edit of the live version went top 10 in America but the song stopped getting local classic rock airplay in the 1980’s.  I never heard it until I went to college in the 90’s. Now KGB plays it regularly.
  1. Half of the name of this 1967 song was used for the title of the Who album it first appeared on. The studio version is an awkward, poorly edited series of short song sections. A year later, it became infamous when the band played it on the Rolling Stones’ Rock & Roll Circus. Legend had it that their one song upstaged the Stones so badly that they shelved the film.
  1. This single went to #4 on the country charts in 1955.  13 years later, it led off the At Folsom Prison record. That version went to the top of the country charts and #32 in the pop charts.  
  1. This song from Talking Heads: 77 only got to #92 on the pop charts. A solo acoustic/boombox version of it famously started off the live concert film Stop Making Sense.


Answer questions about the music in some of the most watched Youtube videos of 2015.

“Pint-size dancer Heaven King dancing to….” 145 million views

  1. What song does this kid dance troupe led by a pink Barbie car driving girl dance to? (STUMPER)

“Lip Sync Battle with Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart” 61 million views

Name any two of the six songs from this clip.  Take an extra point if you can name all six.



“Justin Bieber’s epic carpool karaoke on ‘The Late Late Show’” 67 million views

  1. Name the show’s host
  2. Name any of three Bieber songs in the clip.  Take an extra point if you can name all three.
  1. What Boyz II Men song does the clip close with?

“Love Has No Labels | Diversity & Inclusion | Ad Council” 56 million

  1. What Mary Lambert song accompanies this short film of a video screen showing skeletons in a city square, only to reveal the identities of people walking from behind in a “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”/interracial, religion feelgood lesson?

Calum Scott’s powerful and emotional audition on “Britain’s Got Talent”, 51 million views

  1. What song by Robyn does Scott sing?

Mean Tweets- President Obama edition” 41 million views

  1. While reading mean tweets about himself on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, what alterna-hit played behind the President?

Dover Police Dashcam Confessional”, 38 million views

  1. What song does a Delaware police officer lipsync to while driving in this video?    


  1. What is the official name of David Bowie’s last album?
  1. What band’s lead singer had a reality show called Rock Of Love?
  1. What Sony portable device hit the market in 1984?
  1. Coverband the Little Richards was started by Robert Lopez (El Vez/Zeros) to celebrate the one year anniversary of what North Park vintage resale shop named after a Little Richard song?
  2. What Beatlesque fictional band starred in the 1978 TV mockumentary All You Need Is Cash?
  1. Pop Will Eat Itself’s 1989 #38 UK hit “Can U Dig It?” is made up of references and samples from what 1979 gang movie?
  1. The song “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)” was rush released as a single after appearing in a commercial for what in 1971?
  1. The seventh single from Michael Jackson’s Bad album generated a 1930’s styled ten minute video, part of a longer forty-minute segment in his Moonwalker full-length video.  Name it.
  1. In 2004, Disneyland started screen printing vintage ride posters on demand and I bought a Skyway print because, that week, I was opening for a member of what band that had a song of the same name on their 1987 album Pleased To Meet Me?
  1. Who wrote the books In His Own Write and A Spaniard In The Works?
  1. What Danny & The Juniors 1958 #19 single was performed by Sha Na Na in Grease along with their #1 debut “At The Hop”?
  1. What lesbian duo scored a minor alterna-hit in 1994 with the song “You Suck”?  I once saw them looking bored waiting for their SD Pride parade car to move onto University Avenue. They seemed thrilled to be recognized when I walked by and said, “Cheer up. You suck.”
  1. What movie features Adam Sandler pulling up to a highschool in a Trans Am wearing an REO Speedwagon shirt and trying to impress students by cranking Billy Squier’s “The Stroke”?
  1. What band had a hit with that terrible cover of “Boys Of Summer” in 2003?
  1. Who were Kevin DuBrow, Rudy Sarzo, Frankie Banali, and Carlos Cavazo?
  1. What Beatles song is this Wikipedia paragraph about? (STUMPER)

In the song’s final bridge section, at 2:58,[67] the spoken phrase “Fucking hell!” appears. Scott admits that although he was told about it, he could not hear the words originally.[10] Lennon attributed the expletive to McCartney, according to Emerick,[56] who reports Lennon’s comment in his autobiography: “‘Paul hit a clunker on the piano and said a naughty word,’ Lennon gleefully crowed, ‘but I insisted we leave it in [at Trident], buried just low enough so that it can barely be heard. Most people won’t ever spot it … but we’ll know it’s there.'”[68] Womack considers that the expletive was actually uttered by Lennon.[67] Malcolm Toft, the mix engineer on the Trident recording,[69] also attributes it to Lennon.[70] In Toft’s recollection, Lennon was overdubbing his harmony vocal when, in reaction to the volume being too loud in his headphones, he first called out “Whoa!” then, two seconds later, swore as he pulled the headphones off.

  1. Who wrote and performed the theme song for the Dukes of Hazzard?
  1. The last time I went to Coachella was in 2002 for the first of two days.  Everyone I remember seeing that day was European: the Charlatans UK, the Beta Band, Siouxsie and the Banshees and Bjork. We left before the headliners, a British DJ duo, “performed”.  Who was it?
  1. About 10 years ago, my Dad met Connie DeLonge and arranged a lunch for us to discuss possibly having her help with a mortgage loan. She excitedly told me how her son’s new band had him really passionate about music again.  I bit my lip since his old band had screwed my friend out of at least half a million dollars. What was his new band?
  1. What band played the United States Postal Service’s annual National Executive Conference as part of a settlement on the band’s name infringing its trademark?
  2. What East Bay band opened for Big Star at the Fillmore in 1994 under the name the Shatners because they’d just done five sold-out shows there?  They were huge fans, name-checking Big Star in their biggest hit and taking Alex Chilton on tour as their opening act but didn’t want their fans to sell it out.

  3. What band put out their fourth studio album, A Ghost In The Machine, in 1980?
  1. As this is the 44th Musical Pursuit, I almost included a question about the song “88 Lines About 44 Women”. As I was putting the quiz together, I ended up taking Austin record store Sound Gallery to task on Facebook for stealing and reposting a video while adding a caption about supporting musicians by buying vinyl. The guy who responded was very cool, letting me know that a lot of the clips they post are from his own collection and I felt a little guilty for mentioning it. By an unreal coincidence, it eventually came up that it was none other than Marc Campbell, who wrote “88 Lines” as the singer for what band?


Friday April 8th at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. GEEZER, NERF HERDER, FARTBARF, ALLIE GOERTZ.  

  1. Nerf Herder’s lone 1996 hit was an homage to the glory days of what band with their lead singer? (STUMPER)

Friday, April 15th at the Music Box in San Diego. FOOZ FIGHTERS, SLAVES AGAINST THE MACHINE, GEEZER.

  1. I saw the Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine and Beastie Boys at the first Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco in 1996.  What musician was the event’s main organizer?


To celebrate the recording of the new Geezer b-side “We Ain’t No Weezer Tribute Band”, come up with a name for a Weezer tributeband.  Best one in the room gets an extra point



Still bringing in one cd a day to work which I’ve done since 1995. I’ve been posting about them on Yer Doin’ Great but it’s been on hold for months while our offices reorganize. The last band I wrote about was the Rolling Stones but now I’m on the letter S (that’s a hint).

Year: 1992

Label: Murder Records

Track 1: “Marcus Said”

Why I have it: They’re one of my favorite bands, though this debut EP was definitely before they were great.

Trivia: The EP features an early version of their first hit, “Underwhelmed”. In 1996, the music magazine Chart conducted a reader poll to determine the best Canadian songs of all time, in which it was voted the second greatest Canadian song of all time. This version is….like the song says.

  1. Artist:
  2. Title:



Section 6-8 & two bonus questions



Answer questions about the songs played. More than just the normal name the song and artiste!

Here’s a Youtube playlist of the songs played for Name-That-Tune, some of my favorite Bowie covers….



I’ll read a question for you to work on while Name-That-Tune is played.  Write your answers on a separate piece of paper. The team that answers the most questions gets five points.  In the event of a tie, all tied teams will get five points.

Name as many of the musicians in’s list of 100 most famous Davids.
Winner got 9 out of 20.


Before the last Name-That-Tune song plays, I’ll read one last hard question to work on while the entire last song plays.

What song did Bob Geldof suggest and practice with David Bowie and Mick Jagger in the hopes of a satellite duet for Live Aid?  Answer (STUMPER)



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