tonyWhen I was deciding on a name for this page, I didn’t want to reference any one song or band because I knew my writing would be all over the place.  I liked the idea of calling it something fairly random and turned to some of my favorite phrases for inspiration.  I’m not sure when I started saying “Yer doin’ great.”  For years, when a conversation would get too depressing, I’d say “I saw the cutest puppy today” and faces would light up. “Awwww, what kind of puppy was it?!” someone would ask.  I’d reply, “I didn’t see a puppy” and we’d talk about something else. After awhile, friends in the know could simply say “cute puppy” or I would hold up a picture of a beagle puppy I kept on my first flip phone to lighten the mood.

ydg shirtAt some point, I started saying “Yer doin’ great” to cheer people up instead. It somehow had a calming effect on people stressing out by making them self-aware. I work at a lot of events, setting up gear at meetings, weddings and shows and there’s always someone losing their mind.  Telling them that they’re doing great seems to give them pause and realize that things aren’t so bad.  I was only doing a music page to put a smile on people’s faces so it seemed like an appropriate moniker.  I added the words “muzak clickclack” so it wouldn’t look too vague out of context and broke a bottle of champagne over my laptop.

hang in thereI love hearing from friends that they too now use it to calm people down or cheer them up. The phrase has come to mean different things. Sometimes it ends up being sarcastic more than caring.  At our charity anti-karaoke night, if someone I didn’t know was singing terrible, I could tell them that they were doing great and they’d take it as encouragement, while my friends knew I was taking the piss.  At my music trivia night, as people got frustrated, I’d get on the mic to say they’re doing great to make everyone angrier. One of my bandmates in Geezer forbid me from saying it when he missed a note because it would piss him off and make him mess up more.  Teehee.

I don’t do much of anything to spread the word about the page, so it’s strange to see it anywhere other than a computer screen. But, when I wanted to send a get-well note to a friend last New Years Eve, I decided to send him the biggest Yer Doin’ Great ever.   ydg1ydg2ydg3

ydg4Visitors had fun playing with the balloons and spelling all kinds of things.  That’s his granddaughter Audrey spelling her name. They stayed inflated and floating for months, so they started giving them away as gifts to spread the love.  Great!

Feel free to use it yourself. If anyone can remember how or why I started saying it, please let me know.  Until then, we’ll just pretend it was Ferris at 2:08….


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