Was looking up Elvis thangs for the ABC’s of Rock and ended up finding lots of goodies relating to the Beales.  They only met once, at Elvis’ Bel Air home in 1965.  Beatles press agent Tony Barrow remembers them jamming on “I Feel Fine” and Cilla Black’s “You’re My World” but memories are conflicting and hazy. There’s a page of great Beatle quotes about that night and photos at Elvispresleynews.com but it leaves out the Ringo line from Anthology about how E eventually tried to have them banned from America

Ridiculous recreation….

Playing endlessly on Elvis’ jukebox that night…

DSC08151 elvis
Photos from beatlephotoblog.com and solotravelerblog.com.

More great quotes about that night from Beatles, Memphis mafia, Priscilla and more at
Elvis.com.au “Elvis Presley Meets the Beatles : August 27, 1965”
Elvis-history-blog.com “Elvis and The Beatles … What They Really Thought of Each Other”
ScottyMoore.net “Elvis Meets the Beatles”


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