MUSICAL PURSUIT #43 trivia quiz

Coming out of retirement to host trivia as Yer Doin’ Great’s first ever event was a blast last night.  13 teams including a mystified bachellorette party duked it out for bragging rights for the first time in three years.  It was so fun that I think we’re going to make it an annual event.  See you next year!

Dry t-shirt contest winner: Sasha Orman

Dry t-shirt contest winner: Sasha Orman

1st place: THIS TIME, IT’S PERSONAL (one of MP’s winningest team in history) 110 points $261 cash prize
2nd place: COME ON BABY, LET’S DO THE FIST (defending champs) 101 points (tiebreaker winners)
3rd place: THE UNFLATABLES (three YDG readers/strangers plus a Veronica) 101 points
Last place: THE JEAN MICHAEL VINCENT (free drinks, 100 copies of Rookie Card’s classic album What’s On Second? & more)

BEST TEAM NAME: Dead Kennedys’ All You Can Eat Buffet (Alex Zaragoza)


REMEMBER: THIS IS HARD BUT IT’S A LOT HARDER IF YOU’RE READING THIS BY YOURSELF.  Try it with a group of five people huddle around your computer in a dark room.  It’ll be easier.  Promise.

Name the top 10 91X-FM acts of all-time based on their first 30 year end countdowns. Their two lowest charting songs (with years in parenthesees) are your only hints.

1. #10. 47. Josie (98) & 55. Down (04)

2. #9. 87. Siva (91) & 88. Mayonnaise (93)/88. Freak (11)

3. #8. 83. South Central Rain (84) & 89. Man In The Moon (93)

4. #7. 82. This Is A Call (95) & 88. Monkey Wrench (97)

5. #6 76. It’s No Good (97) & 89. Only When I Lose Myself (98)

6. #5 89. Not For You (94) & 79. In Hiding (98)

7. #4 90. Love Rollercoaster (96) & 77. Stadium Arcadium (06)/77. Monarchy of Roses (11)

8. #3 74. 2,000 Light Years Away (95) & 84. Jaded (96)

9. #2 76. Pictures of You (90) & 71. Maybe Someday (00)

10. #1 86. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (95) & 89. The Ground Beneath Your Feet (00)

Answer questions about the ten most read stories from

11. #10 I’LL WRITE YOU A LETTER TOMORROW (a belated Replacements hometown tale)(1,296 views) What fellow Minneapolis band fronted by Craig Finn opened up the Replacements first hometown show in 22 years this past September?

12. #9 A HARD DAY’S NIGHT WASN’T SHOT IN A BLACK & WHITE WORLD!? (1,655 views) World’s largest collection of colour photographs from the set of the first Beatles movie. Speaking of which, who is the first character to sing after the Wizard of Oz goes from black and white to colour?

13. #8 The Last: words on the Replacements at… (1,694 views) What Chicago punk festival that expanded to Denver and Toronto in recent years was headlined by the Cure, Weezer and the National last year?

14. #7 JELLYFISH TALE #3: BELLYBUTTON track by track (1,933 views) Jellyfish’s first album (and second) was produced by Albhy Galuten, who also produced the best-selling soundtrack of all-time in 1977 (until it was overtaken by The Bodyguard). What movie was the soundtrack for?

15. #6 JOINING A FANPAGE: JELLYFISH TALES (2,313 views) I’ve slowly been trimming, editing & posting horribly written history pieces about the band that I wrote in 1996. At the time, what band featuring two ex-members of Jellyfish was enjoying a medium sized radio hit with “Boy Or A Girl”?

16. #5 HOW BLINK 182 SCREWED MY FRIEND OUT OF OVER $500,000 (2,639 views) Long story short. My old roommate paid to put out the band’s first full-length tape without a contract, as high school friends do in 1993. What name is that self-titled cassette commonly referred to (and titled when it was released on cd by their lawyer’$ label)?

17. #4 XXX: Thirty Years of 91X Year End Countdowns becomes The Top 888 Modern Rock Acts of All-Time (2,726 views) Thanks to some very questionable years at the turn of the century, what band came in at #138 on the countdown with the songs “Re-arranged”, “Crushed”, “My Way” and “Nookie”?

18. #3 FAMOUS ROCK/ROLL IMAGE OUTTAKES vol 2: RUBBER SOUL (4,962 views) What year was Rubber Soul released?

19. #2 THE GREATEST INTERVIEW OF ALL-TIME: GRAND ROYAL TALKS TO WEIRD AL YANKOVIC (PART 1 of 5)(5,152 views) Grand Royal Magazine was spearheaded by members of what well-known band?

20. #1 Everything you need to get excited about the Replacements, Keith Richards and 30 Rock (7,597 views) In the Replacements fan documentary, Color Me Obsessed, Tom Arnold tells the story of being on the set of Saturday Night Live with musical guest Tupac Shakur. Some folks, including Suge Knight, were trading crazy backstage tales when Arnold’s story about how the Replacements’ guitarist had shit in a cooler and sent it down the 30 Rock elevator ended the discussion in stunned silence. What was the lead guitarist’s name?

Answer these questions about lead singers that didn’t write the lyrics they famously sang.

21. This band’s songwriter left to form Yazoo and they were left to perform the first tunes ever written by their keyboardist.

22. Guitarist Rick Nielsen wrote or co-wrote most of what band’s well-known songs?

23. Manchester band the Rain had just replaced their singer who suggested they change their name, which they did.  When the new vocalist’s brother came back from touring as a roadie for Inspiral Carpets and insisted he be the new lead guitarist, songwriter and leader. Name them.

24. All of what famous metal band’s hit songs were written or co-written by bassist Frank Carlton Serafino Feranna, Jr. (not singer Vincent Wharton)?

25. Name any Lennon/McCartney song recorded by the Beatles but sung by George Harrison or Ringo Starr. Take an extra point if you can name all seven of them. (no one got all seven)

26. None of what band’s songs were written by their singer, Feargal Sharkey?

27. After one album, Neil Peart became the drummer and lyricist for what band?

28. When this band’s rhythm guitarist and lyricist, Richey Edwards, mysteriously disappeared in 1995, their bassist, Nicky Wire became the main songwriter.

29. This singer’s longtime lyricist, Bernie Taupin, usually writes his words in a room next to where the singer is playing the tune on piano.

30. The lyrics to what band’s classic 1970 album Paranoid were written by bassist Geezer Butler?

Ten questions about songs that have the word “Yer”, “Doin’” and/or “Great” in them.

31. Side three, track two on the White Album.

32. What Sublime song uses the jazz standard “Summertime” as its main hook?

33. This Tom Petty song went to #5 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Track chart in 1990.

STUMPER 34. British act Little Mix’s 2013 hit “How Ya Doin’?” features what guest female rapper?

35. #20 US hit for Led Zeppelin, titled after an old joke about the pronounciation of Jamaica.

36. Two years after his 1995 album Inside Out (featuring the gospel tinged “He Keeps Doing Great Things For Me”), what rapper was the subject of the second episode of Behind The Music?

37. Whose song “Busy Doin’ Nothin’” appeared on their 1968 album Friends?

38. What band’s guitarist Graham Coxon sang “You’re So Great” on their self-titled 1996 album?

39. “Doin’ The Best I Can” was featured in whose 1960 movie, G.I. Blues?

40. 1985 hit for the Eurythmics with Aretha Franklin, both of whom released it on their next albums.

41. What act had a 24 year gap between appearances on 91X’s year end countdown with 1987’s “Strap Me In” and 2011’s “Sad Song”?

The record for most consecutive appearances on 91X’s countdown? Coincidentally, two acts both charted for eleven years between 1995 and 2005. Name them.
42. One is a trio from Poway

43. The other is a five-piece act from Omaha, Nebraska.

44. What year was Taylor Swift born?

45. Gloria Gaynor won a 1980 Grammy for Best Recording in a category that was only given out once. What was it?

46. What Morrissey song that is the namesake for a San Diego hair salon namechecks Sloane Square in London?

47. Who are Dave Claibourne, Steven Andrew Miller, Eric Allen (RIP), Todd Beattie and Whistle Stop Britpop DJ Rob Moran?

48. What is the name of piano player Scott Bradlee’s popular Youtube act that does old-timey versions of current hits?

49. Name any regularly issued UK Beatles album that does not have the word “Beatles” on the cover. Take an extra point if you can name all four. (no one got all four)

50. What famous 1976 comedy film used George Bizet’s “Toreador Song” from Carmen as its theme song?

51. A regular feature of the olde Musical Pursuit was the ABC’s of Rock, with a question about whatever cd I brought in to work that day. Now a daily feature at Yer Doin’ Great, I’m currently listening to the Posies. What band that two of their members joined in 1993 recently released the DVD Live In Memphis, which had been sitting unedited in the filmmaker’s closet for 22 years?

52. What act that is playing Jack Murphy Stadium on July 9th, 2015 had a #1 UK single with a medley of Blondie’s “One Way Or Another” and the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks”?

53. What new music festival will debut at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in September 2015?

54. What city is the Grand Ole Opry in?

STUMPER 55. Let’s see who the highest billed Coachella act is that I’ve never heard of. Swedish EDM producer Alessandro Lindblad, who’s never actually released an album. What’s his DJ name?

56. What kind of music originated in Jamaica around 1966 as a successor to ska and a precursor to reggae?

57. Tom Araya is the bassist/singer for what thrash metal band?

58. What is the name of Jennifer Lawrence’s recent #12 Billboard single?

STUMPER BONUS QUESTION: What American band wrote the music for it?

59. What rap act named their double-platinum selling first album after the 1978 martial arts film the 36th Chamber of Shaolin?

60. What band’s recent Belly Up performance inspired an oral sex performance from two concertgoers onstage?

Name the bottom ten acts tied for 878th place on the 91X 30th anniversary countdown. These are all artists that had one song on the countdown and it came in at #91. The song and year are provided for your viewing pleasure.
STUMPER Weekend’s Too Short (85)
I Don’t Know Why I Love You (90)
Baby Universal (91)
No Woman, No Cry (96)
Agenda Suicide (02)
STUMPER Who’s Gonna Save Us (04)
Nth Degree (05)
Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock (06)
STUMPER C’mon (10)
STUMPER Razorblad3 (11)

Sorry, I’m not going to edit together the beginnings of the 20 songs I played.  See if you can name the original arists from the song title and the coverband from the artist’s initials since some of these songs have been covered by more than one act.

  1. Song: Ring of Fire
  2. Original artist:
    3. Coverband: WOV
  1. Song: Ripple
  2. Original artist:
    6. Coverband: JA
  1. Song: It’s All Over Now Baby Blue
  2. Original artist:
    9. Coverband: T
  1. Song: Wuthering Heights
  2. Original artist:
    12. Coverband:  WF
  1. Song: When The Levee Breaks
  2. Original artist (husband and wife, name either):
    15. Coverband: LZ
  1. Song: She Don’t Use Jelly
  2. Original artist:
    18. Coverband: BFF
  1. Song: Hotel California
  2. Original artist:
    21. Coverband: GK
  1. Song: Benny & the Jets
  2. Original artist:
    24. Coverband singer: BM
  3. Backing band:  BB
  1. Song: Breathless
  2. Original artist:
    28. Coverband: X
  1. Song: More Than A Feeling
  2. Original artist:
    31. Coverband: MC
  1. Song: Space Oddity
  2. Original artist:
    34. Coverband: LSMP
  1. Song: Enjoy The Silence
  2. Original artist:
    37. Coverband: NS
  1. Song:  Sweet Child O Mine
  2. Original artist:
    40. Coverband: L
  1. Song: Common People
  2. Original artist:
    43. Coverband:  WS
  1. Song: Sea of Love
  2. Original artist:
    46. Coverband:  CP
  1. Song: Swingin Party
  2. Original artist:
    49. Coverband: L
  1. Song:  Mrs Robinson
  2. Original artist:
    52. Coverband: The L
  1. Song:  Crimson & Clover
  2. Original artist:
    55. Coverband: JJ&TB
  1. Song: Father Figure
  2. Original artist:
    58. Coverband: SOF
  1. Song #1: Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
  2. Song #2: Lost In Love
  3. Original artist:
    62. Coverband:  F

Who sang the top 10 pop singles from 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011?
(winning team This Time It’s Personal named 22 of them)

Got this comment on our list of top 91X acts the other day…..
“I thought you may be able to help regarding a question about the 1989 chart – it appears everywhere I look number 88 is unknown. So, what is the song that squeezed between Lenny Kravitz and The Ocean Blue on the 89 year end chart?”
I looked it up and it was a song called “Primitive Love”.  Who sang it? STUMPER

Answers are….in my head. Some are in this Google Drive doc. Use for the leftovers or leave a comment if you really can’t find it.



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