Last year, the cast of the movie School of Rock reunited for Austin’s Film Society at the Paramount Theater. Cool to see them all grown up.  I have the same nostalgia seeing students from the San Diego School of Rock old enough to be in bars now.  The school had a hard time finding a building that met their requirements, so I made a deal with director Mike Keneally to start lessons in my office, shortly before closing down my business.  I was a big supporter of their program, having seen the Paul Green documentary Rock School, his east coast allstars when they came to town and, of course, loved the Jack Black film.  The cast and director Richard Linkletter attended a screening, did Q&A and performed at the afterparty hosted by Gibson’s Austin showroom.  They can all still play!  Miranda Cosgrove, who played the band manager and went on to star in iCarly, posted a few photos on Instagram.  This one only got 90,000 likes…

and now….
School Of Rock 10-Year Reunion - Cast Reception

Of course, I wanted to see the Q&A and setlist…..

Photo ops

Q&A vids

“Legend Of The Rent”

“Immigrant Song”

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata/vaguely Radiohead’s “Exit Music”(?) (backstage view)

“School of Rock” (aka Zach’s song) (backstage view)(multi-cam)

“Rock & Roll” (Zep)

blues jam/bass solo, maybe during “Rock & Roll”

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