Win two free tickets to see THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS at the Belly Up!


The top 91X acts of all-time countdown is almost over, so for all of you impatient people, we’re offering up one last bonus giveaway! The Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach, actually gave us free tickets to FOUR shows on the countdown, not three. We saved the best for last. First, we gave away tickets to see Soul Asylum (#219), then #172 Toad the Wet Sprocket, then a Dave Matthews tribute (DMB was at #94) and now THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS, who are playing an almost sold-out show at the Belly Up on Sunday June 16th.  To enter to win, just leave a fun comment on this Facebook photo (click) and I’ll pick a favorite on Monday June 3rd, the day the big XXX countdown was SUPPOSED to be done. I’m a little behind. Sue me.

TMBG may have only come in at #503 on the countdown but they’re #1 in our hearts, so I scanned in a few fun things I’ve found laying around the house.  First up is an ad for Lincoln  that I had as part of a three-ring binder divider collage that I had laminated in high school. Triple nerd score.TMBG Lincoln ad

The collage it came from is funny enough to share.  I guess this is where I was at in 1988. Scan 2

I’d wanted to see them for years and finally got my shot when they played 91X’s XFest III in 1990.  I don’t remember much other than all the bands were a blast and we saw John Flansburgh walking through the crowd later in the afternoon and I jokingly got down to kiss his feet. Regrets? I’ve had a few…91X XFest 3 III 1990

The next time I saw them was shortly after Apollo 18 came out. I don’t remember the instore but the full-band show was a blast.  They did a “Stump the Band” section and took a suggestion from 1000 people all screaming different requests.  The guy next to us was yelling for “You Lost That Loving Feeling”.  Not sure if they could’ve heard him for our decent seats but that’s what they did and it was hiliarously good.92-july-tmbg

The next time they came through town, the band played the Fairfax High School auditorium.  I was interning for BMG, who was putting out a TMBG VHS video collection and my friend in that department asked me if I’d pass out flyers for it for free tickets.  That’d be yes. I took my friend Jen, who hadn’t been in the auditorium since she’d attended high school there.  It was great to finally see the Young Fresh Fellows after hearing them namechecked in “Twistin'”.  The drummer had a huge flexible stick with a crash cymbal at the very top that would stretch out over the band and he’d hit it when it came back within reach.  Amaze. Instead of an audience request, they took a small radio and held it up to a mic, vowing to play the first song they recognized, which turned out to be Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is”.  Grin.  Afterwards, I’d never seen so many exiting concertgoers happy to get a flyer. Usually we had to go pick up dozens of discarded ones when we were done.  On this night, there were none.  What polite and appreciative young fans.92-nov-dec-tmbg-toad-gin

tmbg frenteThe last time I saw them was at a spring UCSB festival in 1994 with Frente!, the Grays, the Muffs and Del the Funky Homosapien.  They played at the end of a long day but I wrote about it for the Grays blog series.  Do check it.

I’ll pick a favorite comment by the end of Monday, June 3rd and announce a winner. “Like” our Facebook page to stay tuned for more prizes and stuff.




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