(CONTEST CLOSED) Win two free tickets to see Dave Matthews tribute Stepping Feet at the Belly Up!

XXX-logotop-5-logodmb(CONTEST CLOSED, CONGRATS TO LYNN!) The top 91X acts of all-time countdown rolls on and to help celebrate, one of our favorite places in town, the Belly Up in Solana Beach, has given us free tickets to three shows!  To commemorate the announcement of #200-299 we recently gave away tickets to see act #219, SOUL ASYLUM who are playing the Belly Up on Thursday April 4th. For  #101-199, we gave away a pair of tickets to see #172 TOAD THE WET SPROCKET.at the Belly Up on Thursday March 7th.  For our the last installment, #92-100, we’re giving away tickets for Friday March 15th to see Stepping Feet, a tribute to #94 act DAVE MATTHEWS BAND with… a John Mayer tribute(?!).

Now if you’ve read this page before then it’s probably not much of a surprise to find that I am not a fan of DMB or as my cousin Jeremy refers to him: “Dave”. I am not a hater with groups like this.  To each their own.  Different strokes.  It was his bus driver’s fault for the incident. Still, this is definitely “reaching across party lines” to give away tickets for a band I don’t like. So your challenge is to disprove the theory that DMB fans aren’t that funny. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest (or makes me frown the least) wins.  No video links or photos.  YOU make me laugh.

To enter to win, just leave a comment on this Facebook photo and I’ll pick a favorite on March 11th, four days before the show and announce a winner. If you’re not on Facebook, leave a comment below on this blog but be sure to click the box to be emailed about replies.  If not, we can’t tell you that you won. “Like” our Facebook page to stay tuned for more prizes we’re sharing over the next few weeks!




3 thoughts on “(CONTEST CLOSED) Win two free tickets to see Dave Matthews tribute Stepping Feet at the Belly Up!

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