Win two free tickets to see SOUL ASYLUM at the Belly Up!

soul_asylum w tommy n michael

Soul Asylum’s all-star 2005 lineup with Michael Bland (Prince) and Tommy Stinson (GnR & that other band).

The top 91X acts of all-time countdown rolls on and to help celebrate, one of our favorite places in town, the Belly Up in Solana Beach, has given us free tickets to three shows to give away for the next three weeks!  First up, to commemorate the announcement of #200-299 is act #219, SOUL ASYLUM who are playing the Belly Up on Thursday April 4th. The band had four songs in the San Diego station’s year-end countdowns: 77. Somebody to Shove (92) 91. Sexual Healing, 13.  Runaway Train (93) & 50. Misery (95).soul a radiohead

I’d been hearing about how amazing they were for years and finally got a taste at the Hollywood Palladium in 1995.  How good were they?  They followed a Bends-era Radiohead in jaded LA and SLAYED. Years later, Rookie Card got to open for them at the Belly Up (thanks to FM94/9!) and they couldn’t have been nicer.  Halloran dragged me into a radio interview before the show and Dave Pirner immediately apologized for stealing potato chips from our dressing room. We talked about their incredible “James At 16” medley and fanboy here could name more songs than they could remember.  Nerd alert.  Hear it below.  Still a blast.  
They were as good as ever that night. Prince’s drummer Michael Bland is a BEAST behind the kit and is still with them on this upcoming tour.  It was a memorable show for us too. It was one of the biggest bands we ever got to play with, one of the best reactions, most cd’s sold, two pages of mailing list filled up, etc.  I was wrong about Tommy Stinson being on bass on that jaunt but we still did a Minneapolis medley of “Alex Chilton” & “Kiss” that went over a’ight. What was strange was that, not long after, someone told me that people were talking about us on Craigslist.  Huh?  Some guy posted something in “Musicians Wanted” just to bitch about how terrible we were that night AT CANE’S (er, wrong club) and dozens of people on both sides were weighing in.  Somebody to shove, indeed.

This is EXACTLY how blurry we looked that night.

This is EXACTLY how blurry we looked that night.

So, how can YOU and a friend go see them at the Belly Up on April 4th for FREE?  Just leave an entertaining comment on the Soul Asylum photo on our Facebook page or this blog.  Write something about souls or asylums or maybe a fave Soul Asylum memory.  I saw that their website had a concert history and couldn’t help scrolling through years of history to see when they’d played San Diego before…..

  • 11/12/85 Bacchanal
  • 3/26/87 Saigon Palace
  • 9/15/90 KCR interview
  • 12/9/92  Club 860 w/The Lemonheads & The Jayhawks
  • 1/26/93 Golden West Hotel w/Keef Richards
  • 4/13/93 Montezuma Hall w/Meat Puppets
  • 8/26/93 Open Air Ampitheater Alternative Nation Tour w/Spin Doctors & Screaming Trees
  • 7/9/06 Belly Up w/Rookie Card
  • 12/30/06 House Of Blues

Whoa, we’re in good company! We’ll pick a favorite by the end of Sunday Feb 24th and announce a winner. “Like” our Facebook page to stay tuned for more prizes we’re sharing over the next few weeks!



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