ABC’S OF ROCK: The E’s (part 2)

E is also for the winningest coach in the history of the scat Olympics.  Like every record store on earth, I alphabetize solo singers by last name.  This lone exception is in tribute to a girlfriend who also followed this rule, unless she ONLY referred to them by their first name.  Fair enough.

E is for epic. I’m not a huge Sunny Day Real Estate fan but I’d say this one song is better than everything the other guys did in Foo Fighters. To each their own.

E is for the Beat. Ska legends that weren’t that trad ska which is fine with me and everyone else. When High Fidelity came out, there were promo shirts that incorporated the movie’s name into famous logos. This was one of them. I saw a few of them back then but can’t find any evidence of their existence. If anyone has can confirm this, please let me know so I’ll feel less crazy than usual. Someday I’m just going to make one myself.

E is for BCC, Bonded Collection Corporation, my family’s old collection agency. It’s in my blood. It’s time to return this album, anonymous person. If I don’t get it back by the time we get to Simon & Garfunkel alphabetically, there will be a public notice of delinquency! You can keep the De La Soul, I went out and bought it.

E is for 91X’s first new wave show. Thanks to Dwight Arnold, the only person as crazy as me to have scanned and posted this stuff….

beat voodoo

91X’s first show, Dwight Arnold’s backstage pass

E is for that one amazing song that should’ve made you check out more but for some reason, you never did. Who’s like that for YOU? Finally got Here Come the Warm Jets and was surprised how glammy & Bowie-y it is. 

E is for the most awkward frontman in rock. Can’t believe Vince Clarke would replace Allison Moyet with a gay male soundalike. Oh wait, yes I can. Someone must’ve given me this cd because I never really loved any of their tunes. Still, seeing Bobby Shaddox sing this the only time he came to Too Cool For Karaoke in one of my fondest memories.

E is for Blasphemous Guitars opening for Erasure at San Diego Pride Festival. Introduced as “the gayest straight band on earth”, we (ok *I*) had fun jumping all over their risers on wheels. Sure they didn’t go on until after two bands that bored a HILLSIDE full of people but we can still say we opened for them. blasphemous-hill

E is for the exact same thing I just wrote about Elf Power. One of a few Elephant 6 bands Rookie Card got to play with. Dug Ladybug Transistor so this was a kick for me. This album is stellar.

E is for high school heroes. As good or better than mid 60’s Who by the time they were 16(!). Their original demo is the greatest garageband recording EVER. I fantasized about dressing better and getting a call to fill in when their singer got sick. Ten years later I was barely cool enough to sing one with them at our reunionevent1

E is for archives. When someone started an Event Facebook group I felt obligated to scan in a few things from my old photo album….. event2.jpg

E is for the Move. Jellyfish fans will appreciate their cover of “I Can Hear The Grass Grow” that I never heard them do. They introduced me to all kinds of obscure 60’s folks like the Birds, John’s Children & more. Kids today can find out about the past with a few clicks. Someone musta had a cool older brother…..

E is for brotherly love. 

E is also for C Reilly & Tom. 


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