Reading a Batman coloring book at age four on Feb 20, 1976

chicago x2You are all SO lucky that I inherited some of my dad’s archiving tendancies.  He recently surprised me by giving me a cd of a cassette he made of us slumming it at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club before we moved to San Diego from Chicago.  The best part of the recording is the very first thing on the cassette: me speedreading from a 1966 Batman coloring book. As luck would have it, there are photos of the entire book online! Listen and see if you can keep up using your Page Down button or spacebar. I skipped a bunch of pages (or maybe they were displayed on a nearby refrigerator) so you’ll see some extra pages below. Thanks so much to Jon’s Random Acts of Geekery for posting these!!!  He was nice enough to let me repost them here without most of the skipped pages so it’s easier to follow along.  Check out the whole book and TONS of other cool vintage stuff on his site.

Ready?  Press play and start scrollin’!
“Come quickly, Batman!”batman012

“To the batpole!”batman014batman015batman016batman019batman021batman022batman023batman024batman025batman026batman027batman028batman029batman030batman031batman032batman034
“Microscope!?  Cute, Adam. But where will Frogman strike next?”
“My guess is the Gotham Boat Race.”batman035batman037batman038batman040batman041batman042batman044batman045batman046batman047batman049batman050batman051batman052batman054batman057batman058batman060batman061batman064batman063 batman066batman067batman068batman069batman073 batman075

Original artwork of the last panel from

Whoa, I had this!!!

Need more proof of how cool I was at age four?  BAM!
spideybatman w dg


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