ABC’s OF ROCK: The D’s part 3

D is for coin operated delivery boy. They played a 94/9FM New Year’s show with Blues Explosion in 2004 that I was dying to see but Rookie Card was playing Big Night San Diego for the first time that night. I went down to 4th & B to deliver a Jews Explosion video to the Blues Explosion guys & thought it couldn’t hurt to ask Amanda Palmer if she’d got the rookie cards I’d given to the Ditty Bops, their opening act, to give to her. She lit up and told me in detail how much she loved and still had them. When I told her I couldn’t come to the show because my band was playing Big Night with Violent Femmes, she begged me to deliver an autographed cd to them since she was such a huge fan. Of course, I agreed and then, of course, completely forgot to do it in the NYE madness but I tracked down their management and mailed it to them. Mom raised me right.

D is for living in LA and missing the SD music explosion. Got way into RFTC but it took the San Diego School of Rock to make me appreciate Jehu years later….

D is for southern rock and friends like Michael Rennie who insist on burning me stuff they think I’ll like. I’ve been bad about following up and buying this one though I did pay to see them once.

D is for XTC 60’s alter egos and possibly my favorite popsong of all-time.

D is for Detroit’s Mike Halloran who had Fiction Family (Jon from Switchfoot & Sean from Nickel Creek) on the air to sing this song and wondered what XTC song the harmonies reminded him of. I couldn’t stop trying to figure it out until I realized it was the bridge from “The Vanishing Girl”.

D is for a saint. Slim was an underrated Replacement and made the first great solo record after they split up. He recently suffered a stroke and I wrote him a get well card I wasn’t going to share but…..
Get well soon, Slim Dunlap.
Put this up recently too (Soundcloud taken down but here it is on Youtube…)



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