ABC’s of Rock. The D’s, part too (sic)

D is for LOUD.

D is for demonic. I didn’t know he had such chops in Pansy Division but Patrick’s awesome AC/DC/Priestly tunes (but maybe better?) still sound amazing. Can’t remember if they stayed at my place after they rocked the Casbah but I know we had a great breakfast at the Mission.

D is for Driving to see the Dresden Dolls in LA in ridiculous traffic but falling for the opening band instead. They came down to MTheory & went up to see them at McCabe’s awhile back. Always a swingin’ blast, always adorable/funny banter, still need to get ’em down here for a Candy Shoppe show. Someday….

D is for dancehall DJ. Not too familiar with DJ Spooky but he curated a fantastic Trojan comp called “In Fine Style” full of early ska/reggae. Lots of soulful, fun, funny stuff….

D is for a dorable. I thought every teenage girl in the world should’ve been into ’em and when someone paid for a makeover, it practically happened. Before then, I was the only person standing/dancing when they opened for J.E.W. at the O.A.T. There were some little girls sitting next to friends at that show and I told them when they were done playing, they’d want to start a band. Sure enough they gushed “They were so cool! I’m gonna play guitar!” Then there was the time I got a hold of them to call my friend in the hospital. Nice girls……

D is for dark. I never particularly loved or hated the Doors until I worked for a company that was going to make John Densmore’s one-man act into a concert film. I read his autobiography and started to appreciate their musicality right around the time I saw this great bit on the ol’ Dennis Miller show of him playing his parents the first Doors album….

D is for depressing….but beautiful. One of those, heard for years I’d love him and surprised it took me so long. Belle & Sebastian managed to make a career out of his happiest tune.

Saw them a few times: a UCSD spring show, KROQ’s first acoustic Xmas show, the first Weenie Roast (fresh scan below) and funny enough, when Rookie Card opened for them at Brick By Brick. I thanked Bananarama repeatedly and we closed with “Anything Anything” but I sang “Cruel Summer” over it. No one dared correct me, funny enough but I heard later that they heard a woman quietly hiss “It’s DRAMA-rama!” from the back. Mission accomplished.93 weenie roast

D is for drama. I’m fine never hearing THAT song again (apparently STILL one of the most requested songs on altrock songs in soCal according to several DJ’s) but they had a few other goodies, especially this one which is fun to play on guitar.

D is for best use of a Canadian gameshow themesong years before Austin Powers. How dated is the video? When was the last time you saw a line to use a payphone?



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