ABC’s of Rock. The D’s, part one

D is for all the spots I still see from the wall of lights at this show.
“Fun-loving SOMA retro-rock fans light up with Darkness” San Diego Union Tribune, April 19, 2004

D is for the most unstoppable whiteNegro-throated bluesman, full-on folkie, oh-you-didn’t-know-I-could-play guitar-too dancing machine I ever had play by candlelight in my backyard. Ever.

D is for when certain special rap acts got marketed to the alternative rock world. That reminds me, I really need to go buy the 33 1/3 book on their perfect debut album (turns out that book was a figment of my imagination). This one was fun too….

The one time I got to see them. Added to XFest II
xfest2 (from Cover Me Badd’s concert scrapbook)

D is for employee/friend’s amazing trio. Saw them many times and never got tired of watching them pull that intricate stuff off. Fun to see what’s still up online….Jared dragged his twin into the next version, Alta Voz and now fronts Marquez!

First they were on Terry Picknell’s Four Dots comp which he asked me to write something for. Then I came late to see them at the Showbox and he insisted on buying me their amazing debut. Then Melissa & I and one other person showed up to see them at the Casbah. Then they got bigger. Then Chris told Melissa, “ Check out our friends, Revolutionary Hydra.” So she did and married the singer. Thanks, Def Cab! THE END!

D is for damn they were awesome. 2 ex-Cakers go new wave with the second coming of Jarvis Cocker (Dana) and a bundle of Flavor Flav sidekick energy (Max, now playing keys for Katy Perry).

D is for HOOKS. No song has more of them. The whole album is quality danceparty fun front to back. Geezer has done it a few times but it was recently deemed “boring” so possibly never again. Slide whistles are harder to find than you think in this town. Points to the Guitar Center guy who said “What are you gonna do ‘Groove Is In The Heart'”?

THAT’S A SAMPLE!? San Diego Beat Organization used to cover Herbie Hancock’s “Bring Down The Birds” and Marie would sing a little “Groove” over the end. One time I surprised them midsong at a party with a slide whistle and brought the house down.

D is for my favorite “Groove Is In The Heart” story.

D is for one of my biggest “wish I could’ve seen him live”. Ska soul legend. First heard “The Israelites” like a lot of folks in my generation did thanks to Drugstore Cowboy.

D is for that band that so many of my highschool friends liked that I never had to own any of their music. I pretended to like the first album best just to offend their serious tastes. Such a part of my youth soundtrack that I don’t even know if I liked them anymore. I’d just always thought it’d be fun to play their songs ridiculously to piss off purists. I got my wish.

D is for my favorite. I really do like that first album but this is probably still my fave tune, if only because I always wanted to do this one with guitars….and still never have.

D is for dee concert. I did see them once. Did you? I have a very fond memory of drifting in my parents’ pool after having a bunch of friends over and listening to Violator, putting off getting dressed and heading off to scalp tickets. Enjoying the feeling of being young and living in a beautiful city on a beautiful day. Rough life. No wonder they were so huge in SoCal. Poor us!Depeche-mode-1990-san-diego D is for fandom. Can’t believe it took so long to put this up online

D is for domes. Didn’t see them until a couple of years ago and when they started the show like this with my favorite song, it made the wait totally worth it. Still fun. Still classic. Check thisfun video of them playing a tech conference (same one Weezer did this week) and they gave the entire crowd hats.

D is for disappear. I can’t remember the last time I tried to find a video or mp3 link online and failed. Semi-cute muzak/casio versions of Strokes songs is what you’re missing out on. What’choo talkin’ bout, Julian?

D is for O’Daniel who made me a fan of this soulful powerpop band from North Carolina. Simple catchy riffs and Faces-throat stuff. Saw them at the Dragonfly in LA on this tour and they sounded fantastic. No image, no gimmicks, no future.



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