The C’s: the final chapter

I’ll admit it’s fun posting every day what band I’m listening to on our Facebook page but it disappears into oblivion after a day so I’m finally trying to put these posts here on the “real” blog.  I’m already posting the F’s on Facebook but let’s revisit the end of the C’s when I started doing this, shall we?

C if for Lux & Ivy. I remember seeing them at XFest in ’90 and being blown away how much they swung with the drummer just playing kick snare kick snare. I only have Stay Sick but it’s golden from start to finish. Post yer fave albums and whichever gets the most mentions I’ll go buy. 

C is for Morriss-ette. If you don’t think the songs on the first album sound like Smiths outtakes, you’re in denial, son. A couple of years later, they’d recorded the most annoying song ever recordeh-eh-eh-eh-oh-oh-oh….. 

C is for the best record Siouxsie ever made. That’s right, Robin Roth! I SAID IT! 

C is for Creed… Little Richard song ever! 


C is for the best silly idea I ever had. Then the girl I’d just met online asked me if we were doing this or “In Between Dancing Days” at our show with a Zep coverband. Great minds? Suddenly I wasn’t the only clever one. 

C is for drunk. 

C is for Black celebration. 

C is for a fantastic 2006 benefit (Myspace blog report).

C is for a fantastic benefit backdrop.

C is for the greatest goal ever scored (at the 1:00 mark). Even more than his footy skills, his songwriting quite endeared me to him….as in, I can’t believe I’m friends with this guy and his amazing band.



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